NFCT Building on Tradition Donors

(those who contributed $1,000 or more between Sept. 1, 2017, and Aug. 31, 2018)
Patty Allen
Dorothy M Berks
Emily and Jack Breese and The Seattle Foundation+
Stanley and Margaret Brown+
Jed Clauss and Joanna Paulsen in memory of Mary Ann Sieczka and Bob Ackroyd+
Phyllis and John Conley
Margaret Ann Cowden and Christina Larkin, in memory of Jeff Cowden
Thomas Fischer+
Mary Lou Folts
Edgar and Nancy Goodale
Harbes Family
Peter & Erica Harold and the CLC Kramer Foundation
Maureen Nelsen and William Hipp
Michael Hipp and Kimet Speed+
Mary and Nathan Kalich+
Doreen and Donald Kirby
Richard and Patricia Lark+
Elizabeth Liszanckie
Richard Manfredi
Mattituck Lions Club
Mike Geraci
Motto, Gilvarry and Jacques Family
Richard and Patricia O’Brien
Marne Olsen In memory of Evelyn Bergen
Wilbur Osler
Laura and Jim Pearsall
James and Cheryl Reeve
Barbara Reiter and the Aeroflex Foundation
The Daniel Rosenblatt Foundation
Stanley Rubin+
Daniel and Marissa Russo In Memory of Cathy Russo
Joe and Mary Ann Sieczka+
Thornton and Sherry Smith
Suffolk County
Pat Wall+
Patricia and Vince Ward+

(those who have donated and volunteered since Sept. 1, 2017)
Mr. and Mrs. George Aldcroft
Linda Aydinian
Terry Brockbank
Jed Clauss and Joanna Paulsen in memory of Mary Ann Sieczka and Bob Ackroyd
Tom Del Prete and Manning Dandridge*
Frank Derasmo*
Thomas Fischer+*
Georgianne and Douglas Gregg*
Michael Hipp and Kimet Speed
Paul Jeselsohn and Francis Dubois
Mary and Nathan Kalich
Bob Kaplan
Doreen and Donald Kirby
Terry and Marion Latham
Elizabeth Liszanckie
The Gilvarry Family
Karen Hochstedler
Bob Kaplan
Richard and Patricia Lark
Richard Manfredi
David Markel
Kathy McMahon
Jan and Charlie McGoey
Margaret Motto
Virginia Motto
Marne Olsen
Laura and Jim Pearsall
Diane Peterson and Family
James Pritchard and The Daniel Rosenblatt Foundation
Laurie and John Phelan
Daniel and Marissa Russo In Memory of Cathy Russo
Mark and Lauren Sisson
Marjory Stevens in Memory of Judy Utter
Scott and Patti Verity
Marguerite Volonts
Gene and Mary Yourch

Building on Tradition – CHAIRMAN
Michael and Emilie Corey
Richard Manfredi*
Wilbur Osler*
Barbara Reiter, Aeroflex*

Building on Tradition – GOLD

Building on Tradition – SILVER
Suffolk County*

1% Club
Stanley and Margaret Brown+*
Phyllis and John Conley*
Carin and Joseph Francica and The San Diego Foundation
Peter & Erica Harold and the CLC Kramer Foundation*
Michael Hipp and Kimet Speed+*
Mary and Nathan Kalich+*
Metabolic Studio
The Daniel Rosenblatt Foundation*
Charles and Marilee Scheer+
Thornton and Sherry Smith*
Carol & Martin Walicki
Pat Wall+*

Emily and Jack Breese and The Seattle Foundation+*
Esther H Hunt
Connie Latson+*
The Moore Charitable Foundation
Joe and Mary Ann Sieczka+*

William Albertson+
Mr. and Mrs. George Aldcroft+*
Jay Cardwell and Eric Rouleau
Jed Clauss and Joanna Paulsen in memory of Mary Ann Sieczka and Bob Ackroyd+*
Helen Duryea
Edgar and Nancy Goodale*
Charles Hedberg*
Kathy McMahon and the George T. and Ruth C. Laboda Foundation
Richard and Patricia Lark+*
Ann Mallouk*
PBMC Foundation
Laura and Jim Pearsall*
Nancy Reeve*
James and Cheryl Reeve*
Dr. and Mrs. Richards In Tribute to Judy Utter+
Riverhead Building Supply
Alfred Scherzer*
Kate Thomes, In memory of Russell F Thomes Jr
The Ellen M Violett and Mary PR Thomas Foundation
Patricia and Vince Ward+*
Nancy Gilbert and Richard Wines
Gene and Mary Yourch*

Barbara Ackerman*
Kenneth E. Ackley+
Susan and Leif Ahrens+*
Gayle and Julie Alexander in honor of David Markel
Patty Allen*
Gerald Appelstein
Eunice Armbrust
Martine & Peter Baschnonga
William Beardslee*
Evelyn Bergen+
Dorothy M Berks*
David Bofill*
Helen Brann
Mr. and Mrs. Franklin Brehmer
Capital One Bank
Lynda Circo*
Linda Rie Cohen Fund for Arts and North Fork Reform Synagogue
Cook, Hall & Hyde, Inc.
JeanMarie Costello In Memory of Dennis Quinn
Margaret Ann Cowden and Christina Larkin, in memory of Jeff Cowden*
Nancy and Francis Deegan+
Anne B. Farrell
Thomas Fischer+*
Mr. and Mrs. David Fisher
Mary Lou Folts*
Ellie and Joe Friedman
Walter and Marilyn Gatz+
Michael Geraci
Georgianne and Douglas Gregg*
Rod and Georgia Griffis*
Cast of Gypsy
Joseph and Christine Haeg+
Harbes Family*
Maureen Nelsen and William Hipp*
Paul Jeselsohn and Francis Dubois
Doreen and Donald Kirby*
Kolb Mechanical*
Jim Latham
Terry and Marion Latham*
Edwina G. Latson
Elizabeth Liszanckie*
John and Patricia Lockwood+
Gail Madden
Maria and Mark Manzi
Jeanne M. Markel and Chris Wedge+
Dee and Willy Martin+
Mattituck Lions Club*
Marie and Eddie McDonald+*
John E. McGreevy*
Mike Geraci*
Andrew Mitchell and Peconic Bay Medical Center
Richard Mizdal*
Virginia Motto*
Dale and Stacey Moyer in Memory of Mary Ann Sieczka
North Fork Drywall & Insulation
Richard and Patricia O’Brien*
Marne Olsen In memory of Evelyn Bergen*
Laurie and John Phelan*
The Rempel Family+*
Laurie and Erwin Rodger
Bruce Rothstein*
Stanley Rubin+*
Daniel and Marissa Russo In Memory of Cathy Russo*
Bill and Maureen Sanok+
Arthur Satz*
David and Michele Scheer
Patricia Shillingburg
Edward and Carol Sieban
Mark and Lauren Sisson*
Jay and Joanne Slotkin in honor of Jed Clauss
Marjory Stevens in Memory of Judy Utter*
Lawrence Strickland
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Terry+
Raymond Terry*
John Touhey*
Lillian M. Wagner-Dykhuis+

Anita Albertson
Jeffrey Andrade
Joan Au
Cast of Babes in Arms
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Barbero, Jr.
The Beodeker Family+*
Howard and Judy Brandenstein*
Terry Brockbank+*
Rosemary Gabriel and Patrick Calkins
Phil and Marilyn Centonze
Christine Christie
Anne Howard and Mort Cogen*
Babette Cornine
Marilyn White Corwin+
Elmer’s Custom Amish Furniture
Ruth and Harry Fiumaro*
Joseph and Janice Flaherty
Larry and Arline Galasso
Elizabeth A. Geyer+
Dot and George Gilman
Sophia Gutherz*
William and Eva Guyton
Legends Restaurant
Marion and John Harrison+
Janet Gay Hawkins
William and Heidi Hipp
Patricia Hipp
Richard and Pat Hom in Memory of Cathy Russo*
Samantha Ince*
George Ince*
Cast of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat
Steve and Clara Kentrotas*
Otto and Ruth Kirschner+*
Benjamin Kjome
Julie Lane*
Demetrio Laveglia
Keith and Barbara Lewin*
Barbara Lewin
Lisa Linden and Lloyd Kaplan
Cast and Crew of Little Shop of Horrors
Loomis Family in Honor of David Markel for his Kindness
Leslie Luxemburg*
Gerri Macwhinnie
Michael Manuelian and Gregory Welch+*
Joey and Dave+
Mattituck Community Fund
Rev and Mrs. Donald McKinney
Nancy Motto*
Alison O’Reilly
Marjorie Petras
Christopher Pia
Harold Prince in honor of Peg Murray
The Quinn Family+
Mary and Henry Raynor
Robert and Linda Reymann
Francis and Patricia Roberts
Bette and Art Ross
Lois Ross
Jack Seabury
Eileen Sheldon+
Laurel Sisson
Cast of Songs We Love
Southold Rotary
Southold Town PBA*
Michael Stafford
Marion E. Stark
Diane and Doug Stark
Cora Stoll*
George and Lynn Summers
John and Carol Talmage
Cast of The Sound of Music
Alicia Thompson+
Janet Thompson
Millie and Tom Toivonen*
Dr. Arnold and Liselotte Urist*
Theodora Velys
Germaine Vindigni
Mary Vines+
Marguerite Volonts
Virginia Ward
Arthur J. Wilks III
Betty Wivchar*
Dorothy Zondag*

Acting Out Loud In Memory of Todd Bibey+
H Lee Blumberg*
Claire Bouffard*
A. Elaine Breese In Memory of Syd Breese+
Kurt Carstensen+
Paula and Michael Croteau+
Heather Cusack+
Tom Del Prete and Manning Dandridge*
Maureen Deegan+
Carol Deuel*
Barbara Diachun*
Cathy, Wayne and Amy Dries+
Jacquelyn and Paul Drobnicki*
Joe Farrell*
The Gilvarry Family+*
Gramercy Vineyards+
Douglas Gray*
Roberta Hering*
Anderson Speed Hipp+
Raven Janoski+
Herman Jenich*
Joseph and Catherine Keiser+
John and Patrice Keitt+
David and Carol Kirby+
Krupski Farms*
Jo Ann Kujawski, In Memory of Judy Utter*
Larry and Flo Liso+
Mary Ann and Joseph Martorano+
Jan and Charlie McGoey*
Genevieve McGrath*
Glen McNab*
Angela Monsell+
Margaret Motto*
Riverhead Faculty and Community Theatre+
Susannah Rosato In Memory of Dorothy F. Kimball+
Mr. Thomas Roslak*
Ron and Conny Shapiro*
Maureen Shea*
Jim and Joan Sheehan+
The Sisson Family+
Joseph J. Snellenburg II+
Mr. and Mrs. John Stack+
Stankewicz Family*
Polly Ketcham Thurm+
Robert Wax*
Jeff Wentz+
David Wetsell*
Martha Williams*

Linda Aydinian*
Mary Jo Bailey*
Diana Bartunek*
Brenda Bergman*
Robert Bracken*
Jean Brechter*
Todd Brovetto*
Mr. and Mrs. Chet Chorzempa*
Susan Cincotta*
Constance and Paul Connor*
Virginia and Roger Cornell*
Barbara Cuenin*
Christina Cunningham*
Frank Derasmo*
Franklin Egitto*
Diane P. Fabian*
Joe and MaryGrace Finora*
Muriel Froehlich*
Georgia Frohnhoefer*
Miriam Frost*
William and Susan Graf*
Jessie and Edward Hertling*
Bernard Jacobs and Phyllis Gangel-Jacobs*
Paul and Monica Jacques*
Lea Kendall*
Michele Kropp*
Roberta and Thomas Magg*
Norm and Linda McCullough*
Theresa and Frank Midulla*
Kathleen Milne*
Brenda Momente*
North Fork Physical Therapy*
Lorraine Paesano in memory of Cathy Russo*
Joan Prager*
Robert Profeta*
Patsy Rogers*
Richard and Margaret Rutkowski*
Saltini Family*
Joanne Schelin*
Peter Takacs*
Helen and Tom Tynan*
Christine Wasko*
David B Wells*
Ellen Wiener*
Jane Wilson Morton*
Joan Worthing & Bruce Dinsmore*

Paul & Doris Badamo*
Ora Belle H. Barnett*
Linda Cotton*
Carol Euring*
Karen Haley*
Sally L Hobson*
Karen Hochstedler*
Dr. Philip and Regina Kenter*
Victoria C Kess*
Susan and Robert King*
Marla Koster*
Vivian Lindemann*
Gretchen Messina*
Leueen Miller*
Mary Elizabeth Pearsall*
Debra Pulick*
Mary & Ron Sanchez*
Diane Stocki*
La Croix Sweetie*
Scott and Patti Verity*
Robert and Genevieve Yeomans*
Susan Cannon Young*

The Baumann Family*
Karen Helinski*
Bob Kaplan*
Patricia Liverpool*
Barbara Lockman*
Kathleen Neumann*
Diane Peterson and Family*
Ellen Viggiano*

*Donated since Sept. 1, 2017

+Cornerstone Donors