Photos: The Producers, May 12 to June 5


Presented May 12 to June 5, 2022.

CAST: Glenn Abramowitz, Jeanne Arnold, Nicholas Auletti, Linda Aydinian, Marco Barrila, Jaiden Benkov-Web, Esmeralda Cabrera, Julia Cappiello, Chris deReeder, Bela Gogiashvili, Rose Green, Theresia Hand, Patricia Hautsch, Rowland Hautsch, Mike Hipp, Alyssa Kelly, Charles Lehner, Kevin Magee, Nicholas Motlenski, Fred Nydegger, Gene O’Brien, Isabelle Penny, Bobby Peterson, James Pritchard, Kevin Shea, Veronica Spaeth.

Production Team:
Director: Mary Motto Kalich
Music Director: Dina Mondello
Producer: Kim Cappiello
Choreographer: Alyssa Kelly
Costume Design: Vanessa Price
Set Design: Mike Hipp
Set Construction: Rowland Hautsch
Set Decoration & Props: Stephen Ness
Stage Manager: Rowland Hautsch

Photos: The Producers, May 12 to June 5
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